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About Eric

Eric Delehoy has lived in North Portland for 20 years. As an out gay man since the 1980s, and a community leader throughout the 90s, he found himself in the center of the storm following the murder of Matthew Shepard. During that time, he was the director of a nonprofit queer community center in northern Colorado, fighting for queer rights at a time when it wasn’t even safe to be out. Because of this, he kept the center open after hours so that queer youth and trans individuals, often from rural areas hours away, could have a safe space to be themselves.

In Portland, Eric has fought for those who have traditionally been left out. At Basic Rights Oregon, he led efforts to elevate and support equity-focused candidates locally and throughout the State of Oregon, all while engaging in the fight to win one of the most progressive LGBTQA+ legislative agendas in the nation. At Causa, Oregon’s immigrant rights organization, he continues to support efforts to protect those who put themselves on the line everyday, building on accomplishments like the Oregon Worker Relief Fund, a program that provided millions in relief dollars for migrant and displaced workers during COVID. Eric has also served as the Multnomah County Dems Assistant District Leader in House District 44, working directly in the district, for over three years.

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